Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument


Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument is located in the southwestern corner of Arizona, between I-8 and Mexico.  Here, in the Sonoran Desert, the organ pipe cactus, senita cactus, and elephant tree reach their northern-most habitat—a place where frosts are few and minimal.  The Sonoran Desert has two rainy seasons instead of one as in the Mojave Desert, yielding many tree-sized plants and cacti. 

About 40 species of birds are permanent residents, and many more stop by while migrating.  Having had rain just a few weeks before we arrived, the wildflowers were in abundance, but we were too early to see more than a few cactus buds.

Much of the Monument is designated as wilderness, and with the exception of Highway 85 which traverses the Monument to Lukeville on the Mexican border, there are only two drivable dirt roads in the Monument—Puerto Blanco Scenic Drive and Ajo Mountain Drive

We camped at the Twin Peaks Campground--a lone tent among a forest of RVs.






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