Mitchell Caverns


Mitchell Caverns are located in Providence Mountains State Recreation Area, which is between Barstow and Needles off I-40.  The Caverns are accessible by guided tours only.  Ranger Petit, who was both knowledgeable and entertaining, conducted our 2-hour tour.  Inside the caverns which are a constant 65 degrees, one can see stalagmites, stalactites, draperies, curtains and popcorn.

The caverns were known to the native Americans as “the eyes of the mountain.”  Jack Mitchell and his wife worked for many years to get the state to take over their operation.  It became a state park in 1962.  The Mitchells built the road, paths, etc.  Once it became a state park, the entrance was changed by blasting open a small hole and a way was made to make it possible to see what had been two separate caves using a continuous route.  Also, a new entrance path was made.  The NPS put in a new lighting system.


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