Cabrillo National Monument


Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo was the first European to set foot on the west coast of what is now the United States.  The National Monument which celebrates his exploration of the California coast is located on Point Loma in San Diego.  Within the NM are the old Point Loma Light Station, a large statue of Cabrillo, a 2.4-mile trail along the east coast of the point, and tidepools along the west coast of the point.  At the Visitor's Center, an excellent video on Cabrillo's explorations is shown every 2 hours.


The Point Loma Lighthouse, which is 422 feet above sea level, was in operation from 1855 until 1891.  It's location on the high bluff overlooking the harbor seemed like a perfect location, but, in fact, fog and low clouds often obscured the light.









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