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Ulysses S. Grant National Historic Site

White Haven was the home of Frederick Dent, his wife, and their seven children.  Their fifth child and first girl was named Julia.  One of her elder brothers, Fred, went off to West Point, where in his senior year he roomed with Ulysses Grant.  When Grant received his first posting to Jefferson Barracks near St. Louis, Fred naturally encouraged his roommate to visit his family.  After his first visit, Grant became a regular weekly visitor.  Grant proposed to Julia in 1844, but they were not married until he returned from serving in the Mexican War in 1848.

After Grant resigned his commission in 1854, he and his family returned to White Haven.  Although they moved to Ohio in 1859-60, they retained returned on and off and retained ownership until 1885.

Julia was the one who had the house painted green.