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Dodge City Depot and Harvey House

Connie Pennick very graciously took time from her Labor Day holiday to get me a tour of the depot and Harvey House which are now owned and managed by the Depot Theater Company.

The depot and sundials:

The Harvey House.  The restoration of the depot, Harvey House, and out buildings is a work in progress.  Considering the size and state of dilapidation when the theater company bought the property, they have accomplished a great deal in a short time. 

The main entrance hall was simply boarded up by the Santa Fe, so it contains most of its original architectural elements--ceiling, woodwork, floors, glass, light fixtures.  On the other hand, the Santa Fe had converted the dining room to other purposes, including the installation of a shower in one of the window corners.  It has been restored.  The upstairs hotel rooms have been roughed in, but that's it so far.  The Harvey girls dormitory has been boarded up to protect it from further ruin until the company can decide what to do with it and gain the necessary funds to do it.

Staircase up to hotel rooms Hotel reception desk Newstand corner
Entrance hall ceiling Original Harvey furniture Lobby area with reproduction furniture
Old photo of dining room Corner of restored dining room Dining room detail
Hotel room   Harvey girls dormitory