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Fred Harvey published a number of postcard views for Pasadena; however, most of the views are no longer replicable.  The incline cable railway to Mt. Lowe and the Hotel Maryland no longer exist.  Development and the lack of snow have made views like "An Avenue Lined with Pepper Trees" and "Snow and Palms" impossible to pinpoint.  Thus, my search was limited to the Colorado Street Bridge.

The curved, eleven-arch bridge which spans the Arroyo Seco was dedicated in December, 1913.  It was the first curvilinear bridge ever designed and the tallest concrete bridge in existence.  Crumbling with its balustrades and lights removed to erect a suicide barrier, the bridge was almost demolished several times before finally being restored and reopened to traffic in 1993.

To make our visit worthwhile, we toured the Gamble House and spent some time at the Norton Simon Museum.

Pasadena Heritage--Colorado Street Bridge History

Gamble House

Norton Simon Museum