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South Kaibab Trail

Trailhead to Cedar Ridge

The South Kaibab Trail is the preferred trail for reaching Phantom Ranch from the South Rim.  It offers spectacular views as it winds its way down from the rim at 7200' to the river at 2420'.  The 4780 feet of descent is accomplished in a little more than six miles--a 14% gradient, on average.  There is no water available along this trail, and the temperature at the river is usually 20-30 degrees higher than that on the rim.  Thus, it was in the 40s when our Grand Canyon Field Institute group of 10 hikers led by Slim Woodruff left the rim before 8 a.m. on September 19 and 92 at Phantom Ranch when we arrived around 2 p.m.

The NPS's schematic of the upper portion of the trail which can be seen from Mather Point and a topo map of the trail:

A close-up of the trail at Cedar Ridge (about 1.5 trail miles from the TH) from Mather Point.  The building in the center of the view contains chemical toilets.

From the trailhead to Cedar Ridge:

It's another 1.5 miles from Cedar Ridge to Skeleton Point, 2 miles to Panorama Point, 1.3 miles to the Black Bridge, and .8 miles to Phantom Ranch.

South Kaibab Trail (Cedar Ridge to Tonto Trail)

South Kaibab Trail (Tonto Trail to Black Bridge)

Phantom Ranch

Bright Angel Trail (Phantom Ranch to Indian Garden)

Bright Angel Trail (Indian Garden to TH)

Grand Canyon National Park (Buildings on the South Rim)

Views of the Canyon from the South Rim