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Seligman (Havasu)

The Havasu, Fred Harvey's hotel and restaurant in Seligman, still stands--boarded up and surrounded by a chain-link fence, making it difficult to get a good photo. 

I was told that the major hurdle for renovating the Havasu was the cost for removing the asbestos.

For some local discussion on the Havasu, see


Today Seligman is an important stop for those cruising historic Route 66.  It was through the efforts of Juan and Angel Delgadillo that the Historic Route 66 Association of Arizona was founded in 1987.  Juan's Snow Cap Drive-in and Angel's gift shops continue to lure even the casual driver into stopping in Seligman.  Just be prepared to have the squeeze mustard aimed at you and to be handed a bunch of straw when you ask for a drinking straw.