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Phantom Ranch (and Environs)

Designed by Mary Colter, the only lodge below the rim of the Grand Canyon opened in 1922.  Despite being accessible only by foot, mule or boat, one needs to make reservations months, if not a year or more, in advance.  The other option is to stay in the Bright Angel Campground about 1/2 mile closer to the river, which also requires advance reservations.





Phantom Ranch


Bright Angel Creek and Campground

Black Bridge (440', built 1928)

Silver Bridge (built to transport Transcanyon Pipeline in 1970)

Colorado River

Other Sites in the Canyon

Rees Griffith's Grave Anasazi Ruins NPS Mule Barn

South Kaibab Trail (TH to Cedar Ridge)

South Kaibab Trail (Cedar Ridge to Tonto Trail)

South Kaibab Trail (Tonto Trail to Black Bridge)

Bright Angel Trail (Phantom Ranch to Indian Garden)

Bright Angel Trail (Indian Garden to TH)

Grand Canyon National Park (Buildings on the South Rim)

Views of the Canyon from the South Rim