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Oatman and Historic Route 66

In 1900 miners rushed to the area in search of gold after a prospector discovered a chunk of quartz that assayed out to 40 ounces to the ton.  By 1907 the Gold Road Mine had produced $2.25 million in gold, and the town of Oatman had 3500 inhabitants.  As the mines opened and closed over the years, the population of Oatman waxed and waned.  The Gold Road Mine was most recently active between 1995 and 1998.  Both it and Oatman now survive on the tourist trade.  Clark Gable and Carole Lombard honeymooned in the Oatman Hotel in 1939, which serves some great buffalo burgers to the hoards of tourists who come to see the wild donkeys that roam the streets looking for handouts.

To reach Oatman from Kingman, one drives up a twisting section of Historic Route 66 and over Sitgreaves Pass (elev. 3550).  One of the few remnants of the hey-day of Route 66 is Ed's Camp.