Sam Patch on the Erie Canal

The Sam Patch is a replica of a canal packet boat that cruises the Erie Canal from a dock at Schoen Place in Pittsford.  There are several cruises each day; we took the 4-5:30 pm cruise.  First we headed towards Rochester and into Lock 32.  After the lock was filled, our boat was 25.1 feet higher than when it went into the lock.  We cruised just a short distance further westward, turned around, and reversed the process in the lock.  Much faster going down than up!!

The Sam Patch then proceeded eastward past the dock in Pittsford to the Great Embankment where it turned around to return to the dock.  At the embankment, the canal is as much as 70 feet above Irondequoit Creek.  (For a short description of building the embankment, see The Erie Canal by Mrs. Hamilton C. (Helen) King.)  Note that the canal is almost at the tree tops in the right-most picture below.



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