Morning Choice Trail

Morning Choice Trail, which is yellow-blazed, is neither a linear nor a loop trail.  On a map, it more closely resembles the letter h or a chair viewed from the side.  My usual route is from the top left to the lower right--2 miles.  This route links the Cascade Falls Trail and the Rockburn Branch Trail.

This is an easy trail across rolling hills with only about 120-150 feet of elevation difference between its lowest and highest points.  While mostly in the woods, the trail skirts the open grass fields of the Belmont Research Conference Center in several places.  One day I saw a pair of Downy woodpeckers in a tree bordering the field, just before re-entering the woods the last time.  There usually are several birds to be found in this area.


The park trail map notes two sites along this trail--a large thicket of bamboo and the remains of two old homes.  These remains are the most intact remnants of man's presence before the park that I've found.








Not noted in the park brochure is an old trash dump.  Located at the intersection of two streams, it contains mostly large metal items such as sinks, stoves, water heaters, lawn mowers, and even a couple of outboard motors.





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