Joshua Tree National Park Hikes


Joshua Tree National Park provides a wide variety of hikes.  You can climb mountains, visit old mine sites, enjoy serene palm oasis, and walk among the rocks and Joshua Trees.  There are numerous nature trails with excellent signage or trail guides which vary in length from -mile to 1.7 miles.

We hiked the following trails:

Arch Rock (.3 mi. loop)

Barker Dam (1.1-mi. loop)

Cap Rock (.4-mi. loop)

Cholla Cactus Garden (.25-mi. loop)

Cottonwood Spring/Morten's Mill Site (1-mi. loop)

Crown Prince Lookout

Desert Queen Mine

Golden Bee Mine (4-mi. round-trip)

Hidden Valley (1-mi. loop)

Indian Cove (.6-mi. loop)

Keys View (.25-mi. loop)

Lost Horse Mine (4-mi. round-trip)

Lost Palms Oasis (8.4 miles to overlook, 8.8 miles to oasis floor)

Lucky Boy Vista

Oasis of Mara (.5-mi. loop)

Pine City

Pushwalla Pass (5.6-mi. round-trip)

Ryan Mountain

Sand Dunes (2.5-mi. round-trip)

Skull Rock (1.7-mi. loop)

Wall Street Mill

Wonderland Wash

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