Hugg-Thomas Wildlife Management Area

The Hugg-Thomas WMA is located near Sykesville, just off Rt. 32 north of I-70.  There are no marked, maintained trails here, just old roads, mown "corridors," and use paths, but it is possible to put together a loop of 2.5-3 miles on the north side of Forsythe Road and a 2+ mile loop on the south side.  It helps to have the park's complete trail map.

According to this map, the area is open to hikers on Sundays from February 16 to August 31.  It is a managed hunting area between September 1 and February 15.

At the far western edge of the area, there is a vista from above the Sykesville Tunnel.

The paths wander through a mix of woodlands and open areas with some minor losses and gains in elevation (100-120 feet) to cross streams.

On the south side of Forsythe Road there is a small pond with a picnic table near the road and another larger pond about a quarter-mile from the road where I encountered a fisherman.


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