Ellicott City/Oella

This walk is based on a volksmarch that occurred in March 2000.  Like most volksmarches, it is a little over 10 km long. 

I started the walk from the parking lot behind the court house, but there are several other reasonable (free parking) starting points along the route.

From the parking lot with your back to the court house, turn right on Sarahs Lane.  On your right will be a large yellow mansion--Mt. Ida.  Built in 1826, it was the last home built by an Ellicott in Ellicott's Mills.  It is now the visitor center for the Patapsco Female Institute.

At the next intersection, turn left on Church Road.  To your left up some steep steps are the ruins of the Patapsco Female Institute, a finishing school from 1837 to 1891.  Designed in the Greek Revival style with Doric columns, only a shell remains today.

At Park Drive, walk straight through the Linwood Children's Home Parking Lot.  Turn left on Martha Bush Drive and follow it to Court House Drive.  Cross the street (carefully) and proceed downhill to Ellicott Mills Drive, where you turn right.

At the corner of Ellicott Mills Drive and Main Street, the Heritage Orientation Center will be on your left.  Turn left on Main Street, passing the Thomas Isaac Log Cabin.

Cross Main Street and, just beyond the post office, turn right towards the large parking lot.  On your right, in the basement of the post office are the town's tourist information center and public rest rooms.  Cross the parking lot, passing an informational sign about Tongue Row, and go up the exit ramp to Tongue Row.  Turn left.  Across the street from Tongue Row is Taylor's Row.

Tongue Row takes you back to Main Street, where you turn right.  Turn right into Tiber Alley, which is just that--an alley.  But it's cobble-stoned and quaint.  When you get to Maryland Avenue, the B&O Railroad Station Museum will be directly across the street from you.  Turn left back to Main Street.

Cross Main Street and turn right through the railroad underpass and across the Patapsco River.  On your right, on the other side of the bridge is the Wilkins-Rogers Flour Mill on the site of the original Ellicott brothers flour mill.  And across the highway (Frederick Road) from it is George Ellicott's house, dating from 1789.

Turn left on Oella Avenue and when the path ends, cross Oella into a parking lot.  Go up the steps to your right and turn left on Trolley #9 Trail. After 1.1 km, turn right on a path marked with a Banneker Park Trail sign.  When you exit the trees, stay to your right along the tree and snow fence line until you see a wood chip path leading to the back of the Banneker Museum.  Circle to the right around the museum and then follow the museum's access road out to Oella Avenue.  Turn left.

At Westchester, turn left.  Then at Hollow Road, turn right.  Bear right at Charles James Court/Hollow Road intersection.  Turn left on Glen back down to Oella Avenue, where you turn left.  Continue downhill on Oella Avenue between some restored homes and the river.  When you get back to the bridge over the Patapsco River, turn right and return to Main Street.  Continue on Main until you reach Court Avenue.  Turn right and follow the road up the hill to the court house.  Turn left on Hamilton passing the Historical Society on your right.  Left on Park, right on Court Place and you're back to your car.





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