Day 11: Layover at Deer Meadow


Aug. 7: Everyone gathers for breakfast hoping to hear that the resupply appeared over night.  No such luck.  For breakfast, we have oatmeal—lots of it.  Then, Debbie makes gingerbread in the Dutch oven.  We eat that mid-morning.  (With the pack train usually arriving too late to allow time for baking, breads and desserts, especially those requiring the Dutch oven, make up a significant portion of the remaining supplies.)

A layover day with no laundry to do, but we do need food.  George and James go fishing.  Kris goes fishing for a while.  No more catch and release; we need the fish to supplement our meager supply of food.  Over the course of the day, they catch 5 or 6 fish that are only 6”-8” long.  Not a big help, but something.  And, by the time Debbie breads them and fries them, they taste delicious.

For lunch, we have soup (Knorr’s) and cornbread made in the Dutch oven.

Most of us spend the day reading.  I finish my book.

Around 2 p.m., Vic sets out on his horse to look for the resupply.  Perhaps Dave hadn’t understood or relayed the information that we were moving on to Deer Meadow and the resupply went to Big Pete Meadow.  Perhaps the pass isn’t open yet.

As dinnertime approaches, we’re still waiting.  Vic hasn’t returned.  This is really worrisome.  What could it mean? 

We eat our last meal.  It includes the fish George, et al. caught and is followed by a sort of oatmeal cake/cookie made in the Dutch oven.  We’re not starving, but we’re not sated either.  The only thing left in the kitchen stores is a little oatmeal for the morning. 

We plan to hike out over Bishop Pass in the morning.  It will be a 21 miler over a 12,000 ft. pass.  Some of us are worried that we can’t hike that far.  So, we repack, separating our gear into the minimal amount needed for spending the night in Dusy Basin and stuff that we could do without.  If we have to camp in Dusy Basin, we will be foodless and fireless.  The five of us with individual supplies of power bars and trail mix will pool and divide them up in the morning so that everyone has something to eat during the hike out.

We turn in early, knowing tomorrow is going to be a very long, hard day.  No Vic, no resupply.

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