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Bright Angel Trail

Phantom Ranch to Indian Garden

It is almost 10 trail miles and over 4300 vertical feet from Phantom Ranch back up to the trailhead on the south rim.  However, unlike the South Kaibab Trail, Bright Angel has water at three locations and a fair amount of shade.  Most people start their climb early.  Even though we dropped our packs off for the mules before 6 a.m., we weren't the first to leave.


For the first two miles the trail follows the river to Pipe Creek, where there is a rest house (no water or toilets) and a beach.  The trail then starts up the drainage and after another 2 1/2 miles (and only 1250 vertical feet) reaches Indian Garden, a lush oasis with water and toilets that is a popular destination for day hikers from the rim.

Bright Angel Trail (Indian Garden to TH)

Phantom Ranch (and Environs)

South Kaibab Trail (TH to Cedar Ridge)

South Kaibab Trail (Cedar Ridge to Tonto Trail)

South Kaibab Trail (Tonto Trail to Black Bridge)

Grand Canyon National Park (Buildings on the South Rim)

Views of the Canyon from the South Rim